About Acharya Tulsi Jain Hospital

Acharya Tulsi Jain Hospital is as well-known and reputed multi-specialty hospital, Located in Yeshwanthpur, north western Bangalore that has been offering compassionate healthcare services since 2012. It currently has 60 beds scalable up to 70 beds. The hospital is envisaged to harness state of the art technology for healthcare right from diagnostics to treatment and surgery, While ensuring human touch, compassion and empathy to the patients with healthy to the patients with health problems at a affordable cost with the support of high tech facilities that are emphasized to deliver excellence in clinical diagnostic and rehabilitative services.

Our Vision & MIssion
  • Our Vision

    To extend professional, personal responsive seamless and effective continuum of care to the clients while focusing on and addressing their specific needs and assessing and mitigating clinical and non - clinical risks.

  • Our Mission

    To be the first port of call for comprenhensive healthcare for women and children inn meters across the country.

  • 24/7 Emergency Services

    ICU/ Radiology/Laboratory/Pharmacy/Ambulance Service